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February is Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month. Shopping carts are abandoned in the strangest of places: alongside roads, in ditches, under bridges. Today is the day to put those shopping carts back where they belong. It is estimated that two million shopping carts are taken from supermarkets each year, and with one shopping cart valued at $100, that’s $200 million rolling away.
If pushing  a shopping cart back to a supermarket all the way from a highway is too much to ask, you can start by returning shopping carts from the parking lot. Unattended carts can do a lot of damage to cars. Furthermore, studies show that abandoned shopping carts lead to people throwing other trash into parking lots. Returning carts fosters good citizenship!


In astrology, those born between  February 1–19 are Water Bearers of Aquarius. Water Bearers are deep-thinking intellectuals, unafraid of exploring outlandish ideas. Their strong sense of community makes them good friends and valuable team members. Those born from February 19–28 are the slippery Fish of Pisces. Selfless Pisces are very wise and empathetic, making them always willing to help others. These deep emotions also make Pisces talented artists and good friends.
• Clark Gable (actor) – February 1, 1901
• Red Buttons (comedian) – February 5, 1919
• Babe Ruth (ballplayer) – February 6, 1895
• Jules Verne (author) – February 8, 1828
• Jimmy Durante (actor) – February 10, 1893
• Galileo Galilei (astronomer) – February 15, 1564
• Cybill Shepherd (actress) – February 18, 1950
• Patty Hearst (kidnapee) – February 20, 1954
• Olave Baden-Powell (guide) – February 22, 1889
• Steve Jobs (innovator) – February 24, 1955
• Fats Domino (musician) – February 26, 1928


On February 1, 1709, Alexander Selkirk was rescued from an island after being stranded  there for four years. Upon his return to England, journalists portrayed his last four years in extraordinary detail, making Selkirk a celebrity  and inspiring the novelist Daniel Defoe to write his masterpiece Robinson Crusoe.
Selkirk was a hot-tempered navigator of a privateering ship called the Cinque Ports—a legalized pirate ship plundering for the British Crown. When conditions on board got bad, Selkirk tried to raise a mutiny against the ship’s young captain by begging to be left alone on an island with the crew. Unfortunately for Selkirk, none of the other crew members wanted to stay behind with him, so he was abandoned on Más a Tierra island off the coast of Chile. Selkirk expected another friendly ship to arrive, perhaps within days, but again he miscalculated, and another ship did not arrive for four years and four ...





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