Luxury Living For Every Lifestyle

As a member of The Colonnades Community you will experience a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  Enjoy assisted living, independent living, and retirement living without the upkeep of a household, and the security of a healthcare staff.

You can spend your days enjoying the comfort of your own apartment or relaxing in any of our lavishly appointed common areas.

Independent Living

As a member of The Colonnades Community you will experience a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  

You can spend your days enjoying the comfort of your own apartment or relaxing in any of the common areas.

Assisted Living

There may be days when you’re just not feeling up to par and might need assistance or you may need some help on a regular basis.  

We understand and we are here to provide the assistance you need.

Respite Care

We have a fully furnished suite (based on availability) for short term stays.

Suites are rented on a day to day basis for a maximum of 90 days and includes all basic amenities and assistance.  Additional assistance is available for a fee.

Latest News & Events

Latest Activities

  • Shopping at Big Lots
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Shopping at Walmart
  • Music
  • Trip to Casino
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lunch
  • Shopping at Dollar Store
  • Crafts
  • Gardening

The Patterns of Life

The third Saturday in March has been designated Worldwide Quilting Day, a global celebration of quilters and their fabulous creations.

Quilts began not as the intricately patterned blankets we often use today, but as padded clothing.

Women’s History Month

The month of March is Women’s History Month, in recognition of women and their impact on culture and society all around the world.

The movement to establish recognition of women’s history began in Sonoma, California, in the 1970s

March Birthdays

In astrology, those born March 1–20 are the slippery Fish of Pisces. Selfless Pisces are very wise and empathetic, making them always willing to help others.

These deep emotions also make Pisces talented artists and good friends

Your life is your own.
Choose your daily schedule, implement your favorite traditions, and invite family to visit and participate in activities and trips.

Our Services

All-Inclusive Campus

Together, The Colonnades and The Carriage House ensure you and your loved ones the ability to keep your life your own.

Individualized Apartments

We offer a variety of floor plans, which enables you to select the best apartment to suit your needs.

We provide numerous options to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Please browse the apartment selection to discover what the Colonnades can offer you!

Special Services

We have recently added a new Mercedes travel van to our facility which will offer tenants the opportunity to travel to doctor or dentist appointments, shopping centers, or any other place of interest.

In-Home Communications
Every apartment is provided with free internet and extended cable so that you can keep contact with your family.

Personal Choices
We feel it is important to “keep your life your own.” Freedom of choice means you choose a daily schedule and routine which best fulfills your wants and needs.

Ancillary Services

In an effort to provide all of life’s conveniences to our residents, we present the option for ancillary services to be provided in-house.

These supplementary services range from beauty shop/barber, religious, podiatrist, vision, x-rays, lab work, to physical therapy.

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