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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2018


We will be having our Christmas dinner on December 25th at beginning at 12:00 pm. If any family members would like to join us for dinner you need to be signed up by Friday, December 14th.


Whether you have a good singing voice or not, get into the swing  of the holiday season with Go Caroling Day on December 20. You may be surprised to hear that carols did not originate as holiday songs at all. Carols were folk dances, and carol meant "to dance in a ring.” Most often these dances and their accompanying songs were sung in the pubs (along with the presumptive overindulgence of ale). So when did carols make the jump from the alehouse to the church house?
The answer might lie in Victorian England. Wassailing, or the act of wishing good fortune on your neighbors, was a fairly common practice during the medieval era. It was believed that if you passed well wishes to your neighbors, they would reward you in turn. Caroling, or performing folk songs of well-wishes to neighbors, became traditional during local festivals and on holidays like May Day. ...



It was nearly midnight on Christmas of 1776 when Revolutionary War General George Washington daringly crossed the freezing Delaware River to turn the tide in favor of the colonists. Washington had suffered numerous defeats, resulting in the loss of many strategic locations, including New York City in the north.
Washington’s plan included three crossings of the Delaware. He led a division of 2,400 men to surprise a group of German Hessian soldiers gathered at Trenton. When Washington’s force descended the next morning, the Hessians were caught unawares after a night of Christmas revels and were easily overwhelmed.
When Washington’s other two divisions of 3,000 men failed to make the rendezvous, he was forced to withdraw. While the victory was not particularly strategic, Washington’s renown and the morale of the Continental Army grew.




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