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On one of the bulletin boards next to the mail boxes there will be a sign-up sheet for guests for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Please write your name and the number of guests you will be having on the sheet.  

There will also be a sign out sheet for those of you who will be spending thanksgiving with loves please sign your name on the going out sheet and mark which meals you will be out for.  Please make sure you mark down how many guests you will be having by Friday 18th.


Veteran’s Day Poem
(By Cheryl Dyson)
On Veterans Day we honor all,
Who answered to a service call.
Soldiers young, and soldiers old,
Fought for freedom, brave and bold
Some have lived, while others died.
And all of them deserve our pride.
We’re proud of all the soldiers who,
Kept thinking of the red, white and blue.
They fought for us and all our rights,
They fought through many days and nights.
And though we may not know each name,


Our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner will be served at 12 noon Thanksgiving Day.

Our dinner will consist of: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, yams, roll, and pumpkin pie for dessert. If you will be having a guest or guests joining you for Thanksgiving dinner please let the kitchen staff know by Friday November 18th. 




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