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In astrology, those born March 1–20 are the slippery Fish of Pisces. Selfless Pisces are very wise and empathetic, making them always willing to help others. These deep emotions also make Pisces talented artists and good friends.
Those born March 21–31 are Rams of Aries. Like rams, Aries charge forward with courage, confidence, and enthusiasm. They embrace action, take risks, and will fight for their goals.
• Ron Howard (actor/director) – March 1, 1954
• Dr. Seuss (author) – March 2, 1904
• Jean Harlow (actress) – March 3, 1911
• Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet) – March 6, 1806
• Bobby Fischer (chess champ) – March 9, 1943
• Liza Minnelli (entertainer) – March 12, 1946
• Albert Einstein (scientist) – March 14, 1879
• Moms Mabley (comedian) – March 19, 1894
• Fannie Farmer (culinary expert) – March 23, 1857
• Alan Arkin (actor) – March 26, 1934
• Sam Walton (businessman) – March 29, 1918
• Liz Claiborne (designer) – ...



The third Saturday in March has been designated Worldwide Quilting Day, a global celebration of quilters and their fabulous creations. Quilts began not as the intricately patterned blankets we often use today, but as padded clothing. The first evidence we have of humans wearing quilted clothing comes from ancient Egypt. Quilted clothes were uncovered at the Temple of Osiris dating back 5,000 years. Modern quilting of clothes dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe when these soft garments were worn over and under chain mail armor. The first evidence we find of quilted blankets comes from 15th-century England, but all this evidence is merely written about; few, if any, blankets from that era have survived.

English immigrants brought their sewing and quilting skills with them to America, where quilting grew into more than a practical skill—it became an art form. Patterns grew into symbols and stories. When President Lincoln signed ...



The month of March is Women’s History Month, in recognition of women and their impact on culture and society all around the world. The movement to establish recognition of women’s history began in Sonoma, California, in the 1970s. A group of women formed the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women. Their goal was to include women’s history in the local school curriculum. For too long, men had dominated the study while women’s contributions had nary a mention.
The movement in Sonoma was such a success that it gained traction nationwide. In 1980, President  Jimmy Carter established the first Women’s History Week,  and then in 1987, Congress declared the entire month of March as Women’s History Month. Politicians, writers, freedom fighters, scientists, soldiers, athletes—women have made contributions in virtually every field. Honor them this March.


February is Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month. Shopping carts are abandoned in the strangest of places: alongside roads, in ditches, under bridges. Today is the day to put those shopping carts back where they belong. It is estimated that two million shopping carts are taken from supermarkets each year, and with one shopping cart valued at $100, that’s $200 million rolling away.
If pushing  a shopping cart back to a supermarket all the way from a highway is too much to ask, you can start by returning shopping carts from the parking lot. Unattended carts can do a lot of damage to cars. Furthermore, studies show that abandoned shopping carts lead to people throwing other trash into parking lots. Returning carts fosters good citizenship!


In astrology, those born between  February 1–19 are Water Bearers of Aquarius. Water Bearers are deep-thinking intellectuals, unafraid of exploring outlandish ideas. Their strong sense of community makes them good friends and valuable team members. Those born from February 19–28 are the slippery Fish of Pisces. Selfless Pisces are very wise and empathetic, making them always willing to help others. These deep emotions also make Pisces talented artists and good friends.
• Clark Gable (actor) – February 1, 1901
• Red Buttons (comedian) – February 5, 1919
• Babe Ruth (ballplayer) – February 6, 1895
• Jules Verne (author) – February 8, 1828
• Jimmy Durante (actor) – February 10, 1893
• Galileo Galilei (astronomer) – February 15, 1564
• Cybill Shepherd (actress) – February 18, 1950
• Patty Hearst (kidnapee) – February 20, 1954
• Olave Baden-Powell (guide) – February 22, 1889
• Steve Jobs (innovator) – February 24, 1955
• Fats Domino (musician) – February 26, 1928




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